Pua`a Nui Ridge

Wednesday June 20th 2007

This would be the third trip up Pua`a Nui Ridge this month.  Dan came along today to see if we could get higher than on the 10th.  This would be Dan's second trip.  He was at my house around 8 a.m. as usual.  We arrived at the forestry gate (600') around 8:10 and were walking up the road by 8:20.  There was one hunter's truck parked at the gate and from the lack of "droppings" along the route behind Rosa's the hunters must have gone up the paved road. 

In 19 minutes I was at Lookout Point (900'), Dan was already there perhaps one minute before me.  Under the shade of the Silver Oak I changed into my "cleats" and hid my "road" shoes hidden in the tall grass.  This took about 5 minutes.  Soon we were down walking along the shaded trail leading to Kanewai Dam #1.  Dan was feeling fit today and once we hit the up grade he was gone.  It took me about 20 minutes from Lookout Point to Jury's Tree (1400') or 44 minutes from the forestry gate.  Wow, take away the 5 minutes to change my shoes that's an all time record for me.  Dan of course was there at lest 2-3 minutes before me.

After a quick break we headed out first to check out the tunnels we discovered 10 days ago.  I crawled into the right hand on this past Sunday by myself with a small flash light.  The right hand tunnel only goes in about 20 feet and doesn't look to stable when you look up at the roof.  There seem to be many rocks wedged together rather than one solid mass.  I looked into the left hand tunnel and saw that it seemed to go in for quite a ways, but my little light didn't provide enough to make me want to go farther alone.  Today I brought along an 18 volt flash light which produces plenty of light.  Unfortunately it is also heavy.