Palm Valley (Waiawa`iki)

21 November 2007

One of the Hoots, John, gathered a group to go explore a valley in hopes of making a new hike.  This would be my first adventure this valley although I have been on parts of the trail numerous times.  Up to this time there was no name for the hike.  There is no name on the USGS maps for this stream.  It is the major tributary to Waiawa Stream and so to begin I began calling it Waiawa`iki, (Small Waiawa) using Hawaiian terminology.  It was a beautiful day as we gathered at the end of Komo Mai Drive, in Pearl City.  Here is a map showing our route today.  We would go in and out the same way.  Since John and some of the others have been there before there was not a lot of clearing to do.  The main idea for today was to look for a finger ridge leading up to Iliahi Ridge so we could make a loop hike.  I brought my GPS along to get readings of several possibilities.