Hobb's Ridge Part Two

Sunday June 24th, 2007

Earlier this month Dan and I made an attempt at climbing Hobb's Ridge here in Wai`anae Valley.  We didn't make it all the way as the upper surface was muddy and slippery in some very dangerous places. 

Here is a link to my story for that day:               

And another link from Dayle Turner's web page:   http://www.geocities.com/oheposts/Jan02/1-13.html

Today it would be much drier up there as there has been little or no rain for about 2 weeks.  We also recruited a much younger guy to come along who we knew was "gutsy" enough to break trail on some of the really steep places.  So around 8 a.m. this bright Sunday morning Dan and Mike arrived at my house.  Mike left his car here and we three piled into Dan's little Geo for the short ride to the forestry gate.  Below is the map of our adventure.  It has  been modified a bit from the one on the above mentioned web page.




We arrived at the gate (600') around 8:10 and we began walking around 8:15 and headed for the trail head.   On this hike we would use portions of the Wai`anae Ramble and Wai`anae Water Works trails to get us to the Hobb's Ridge trail head which is at about 1800'.  Hobb's ridge is the high peak in the center of this panoramic shot of the upper valley taken from my back yard.  Hard to have to live w/a view like this, HUH?  Mount Ka`ala is the high peak on the left (4025') and the highest point on O`ahu. Mt. Kalena is the high peak on the right (3420) and the second highest peak on O`ahu.  Don't forget to use your horizontal scroll arrows to see the whole picture.