Remembering Bal Dasa (part 1)

April 28th, 2007

On March 25, 2007 one of my two Best Friends on O`ahu passed away.  Bal was like a brother to me.  We talked a lot about personal things that I have not talked to others about.  He knew most of my darkest secrets and I knew they were safe w/him while he was alive and they remain safe today.  Bal passed away while doing one of the two things he loved, hiking and bowling.  As close as we can figure he had a heart attack around 12:30 p.m. while helping on the clearing of the Mt. Ka`ala Trail from Wai`anae.  He was last seen alive around 12 noon when he decided to head back down just below the cable section.  It was a nasty day with light rain and strong winds.  It was chilly up there.  Around 1 p.m. Bal's body was seen laying on the trail by other HTMC club members as they came down the trail.  CPR was applied for at least 55 minutes while they waited for medical assistance to arrive. 

The HFD helicopter arrived around 1:20 and Bal was given his last ride off a mountain.  The whole hiking community will miss him.  Bal was an enigma.  He was nothing like what he looked like.  Bal was short, slim, and covered with tattoos, and he only road around on his Harley motorcycle.  In fact Bal was a generous man, who cared for his fellow man as well as animals.  He supported organizations like the World Wild Life Fund and the Sierra Club.  Bal set up a scholarship at Waipahu High School for graduates heading off for college.  I understand his whole estate will be donated to various charities.

Bal wanted his ashes to be scattered high  on the Kealia Trail over looking the blue Pacific Ocean.  He had the spot chosen and a few of his friends knew the exact spot.  BTW this is very early I HOPE, but I want my ashes to be scattered from the top of what is know to the local hunters of Wai`anae as Small Mountain, or on the map as Pu`u Koleali`ili.  My dad's ashes are already there.

On this bright clear Saturday morning Bal's  friends turned out in mass, at the western end of Dillingham Airfield on the North Shore of O`ahu ,to wish him a last goodbye.  This is the view from the parking lot.  It's a panorama so use your scroll arrows.

As I said Bal had his final resting place all picked out.  It is in the oval in the next picture.  Sorry, but I didn't know the exact spot and so did not center it in the photo.

As you can see Bal had a lot of friends.  Those who could not hike the 1000+ feet to HIS spot would remain behind after a chance was given for people to say what they wished about Bal.