Lulumahu Trail Clearing

Sunday, January 20, 2002

Access Permit needed from DLNR!

 Now this was an interesting day!  I left home (Wai`anae) at 7 am went
down to 7-11 for my lunch and gas.  This time I bought a tuna sandwich as
the last two TM's my regular imitation crab sushi tasted kinda yuckie.
   Wow, with the "speed cameras" around everyone is driving the speed limit,
and I was worried if I was going to make it to Nuuanu before everyone left.
My eyes looking left and right looking for gray vans along the road side.
Gee this is dangerous.  I use to watch the road, not the shoulders!  I
turned on to the Pali Highway just as the clock turned to 8:00.  After
passing civilization I pulled over to the right lane ready to turn off at
the right spot.
   Luck today, big group (I'll let Dayle name everyone in his right up) at
the meeting place, junction of Old Pali Rd and New Pali Rd.  Big parking
area used by bow hunters and US.  I arrive at 8:10 people still getting
ready. Jump out and tie my shoe laces put on my belt and backpack and then
the light rain jacket.  Today was going to be a wet chilly day.
   At 8:15 Mable pulls the group together with her little whistle and says
we will walk down the Old Pali Road to the trail leading to the King
Kamehameha (why do so many people say Kameamea?)
Summer Palace.  I'm not sure which King K it was, I think the 3rd.  At 8:20
we begin walking and we reach the trail head at 8:30.
   We turn left into the bush and cross a bamboo area right a way.  Then we
are on a wide trail, maybe once a road.  After about 5 min we cut left off
the  "road" and begin wandering thru a forest of none natives.  Another 10
min or so and the "palace" comes in to view.  Well at least what's left of
it.  Maybe it was a Summer Home, and not a Palace.  All that is left is a
few walls that seem to have been built with coral rock.  There is a plack
there with some information on it but we don't stop to read.
  The forest is pretty open and we wander this way and that way.  There are
lots of ribbons of lots of colors all over the place.  We add some more.  We
cross a stream, climb a bank, turn around its the  wrong way.  Back track,
cross stream (Lulumahu?) again.  Walk along left bank, climb thru bamboo
forest. We zig left then zag right, up and down zig and zag.  People begin
calling this the Nuuanu Ramble.  Were are we going?  After about an hour
things begin to look familiar.  Hey that's my ribbon from this morning.
   We went in a circle.  I'm just a freshman in this group so I'll never say
who was in the lead!  We continue walking and soon can see the clearing of
the Summer Home.  A trail leads off to the left, we follow it.  Down across
a stream up thru more bamboo.  Ribbons and paths everywhere.  Guess the
hunters use ribbons too.  Someone says we are getting near the Judd Trail.
Someone else says we are going the wrong way.   We see roof tops off on our
right.  We reach a ridge and turn left going up.  The forest is still open
you can see quite far in each direction.
   The Nuuanu Ramble continues, I'm lost.  I just follow the person in front
of me.  We zig and zag some more, climb easily up one ridge and down the
other side.  The rain comes fast and hard.  Lots of yellow rain coats today.
We are colorful today!  The rain ends shortly after it began.  I don't know
where we are going, but the trail is pretty good.  There are still ribbons
of all colors marking the trail. Soon we hear water running hard, Ah,
Lulumahu Stream we are on the right track!
   Wrong, not Lulumahu, just a small stream fed by today's rain.  We keep
going up and over down the other side.  Now listen NONE of this was hard
work, the forest is open the slopes gentle, just a little muddy, but my
steel baseball spikes work great.  Some people pull a head, we are two
groups now.  "Which way did they go?" we wonder a fork in the trail with
ribbons in both directions.  I break out my hunting skills and get close to
the ground and soon find the right  trail by locating little round holes in
the mud left by someone's boots.
    We wander thru a Paperbark Tree forest, someone says "this is a good
sign".  Then the trail goes thru a Rose Apple forest, another good sign.
Mable mentioned both of these back at the parking lot.  We catch up with the
leaders at another bigger stream.  This time its the right on.  We "found"
Lulumahu Steam and head upstream.  Its flowing strongly today and some of
the crossing are knee deep.  But I just hop, well not exactly hop, but I
cross pretty easy by stepping on rocks.  Again my steel cleats  GRIP.
   Another 10 minutes upstream and we find Peter, and Bill and MMM who was
that?  Ed?  Can't remember, must be getting old.  They tell us that they
have been to the falls, the trail has been cleared and ribboned and its a
fantastic sight. Up stream I go at 11:00 am I reach the falls!  Wow it was
worth the wandering.  Beautiful,  its over 100 feet high I'd guess and lots
and lots of water coming down.
   Its early for lunch, but as more and more people show up we decide its a
great place for lunch.  I break out my Tuna Sandwich and it sure tastes
great.  Better than the crab sushi.  Kenji breaks out a thermos with hot
water.  Some people have bags of tea and they get warm, hot tea with their
lunch.  Many cameras come out of packs and pockets.  Mine's at home.  I'll
link to their pictures when I post this on my web site.
  I'm not sure when we left the falls must have been about 11:30.  We start
down and this time some take the path we should have come up.  Mable leads
this group.  Others including me turn right when the others go straight.  We
cross a spillway at the input to an irrigation auwai.  We follow the auwai
for a while and then cut left down a muddy slope and again begin to zig and
zag, but this time the path is easy to see and follow.  By 12:20 we are on
an old road and can hear the cars zooming by on the Pali Highway.  12:30 we
come to a gate with a nice hole cut in it and we emerge right at the parking
  That was an interesting hike.  We really split into groups this time.
Dayle, Jay and a few others wind up at the Pali look out.  No they were not
lost, they knew where they were going.  Its cold and windy when we get back.
I take off my wet shirt and put on a dry one.  Stow my gear in the truck,
hang around and talk story for a while.  Soon I decide I'm cold, I just got
over a cold, and I wanna go HOME to warm Wai`anae.
  Around 3 pm I'm home, but its not really warm outside.  The wind is
blowing, the mountains are socked in clouds and rain blows down every so
often.  Great day, Great people. :-)  Glad I  joined this club.

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