Mount Ka`ala Summit

September 30th, 2000

We began planning this hike at least two months ago. It's a gamble planning on the weather that far ahead

For two days before the hike it rained, or was it 3 days? Anyway, Friday was supposed to be clear, but it rained. Saturday's weather was called the same as Friday, partly sunny but no rain. I eMailed everyone that I would get up a t 530 am and email them the weather.

At five thirty I woke up and the sky was clear as a bell, there were NO clouds at all.

The Pecos gang was to meet at my place in Wai`anae Valley at 6:45am, leave some cars behind and then move up to Linda's to meet the Wai`anae High gang. When we arrived, Linda said no one had showed yet, but the 'boys' had gone up to the gate with her dogs. We went to the gate; Linda would wait a while for Beth and anyone who showed.

The route to the summit is pictured below.