Manana Ridge

October 1999

While going thru folder after folder on my hard drive getting ready for a back up I found old pictures that I scanned for this hike almost 3 years ago.  (I'm writing this in September of 2002).  I don't know how much text I can put along with these pictures.

In wiping and formatting my drive I lost my mapping program so I can't make any for this hike.  Manana Ridge can be found by driving up Waimano Home Road until you get to Komo Mai Drive.  Turn left onto Komo Mai, and drive to its end.  There is a gate at the end.  Park by the houses and then follow the paved road on the other side of the gate.

Manana Ridge is a tough ridge when trying to reach the summit.  Oh by the way as of Septermer of 2002 I have not been to the summit along this ridge.   The Manana Ridge Trail is not a contour trail, it goes up and down and up and down and up and down following the layout of the ridge.

In contrast to what I just said the trail begins as an easy Novice hike.  For maybe the first 1/2 mile beyond the gate you walk along a paved road that ends at a BWS water tank.  You climb a small hill, maybe 8 feet and then the paved road becomes an old jeep road that was build by the Hawaiian Electric Company way back before they use choppers to maintain their power lines.  Up until the end of the jeep road the trail is easy and enjoyable for all. 

The first two pictures were taken where the road turns into a foot path.  Now the ups and downs begin.