Kaiser Ridge Brewing


Aloha and welcome to my Home Brewing pages.  I began home brewing beer in February of 2011 after Dave introduced me to Cliff.  Cliff  has been brewing for many years and in a short time both Dave and I were in to it.

By the 11th of July in that same year I switched from brewing Extract beers to doing All Grain beer using the BIAB (Brew In A Bag) method and also began developing my own recipes.

My "brewery" name is derived from my German heritage (Kaiser) and my love for Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Ridge) a breed of hunting dogs I used when I was a pig hunter here on O`ahu.

This section will expand as ideas come to mind.  Right now I want to post some of the beers I've brewed over the past few months.  Those of my own design will have a link to their recipes.


Joe Louis IPA (American Black IPA)