Aloha  - Eh Komo Mai

You have entered the world of The Wai`anae CRider also know as Wai`anae Steve.  People in different activities that I partake in know me by one or the other.

I've lived in these fabulous islands since November of 1963 when I came here with the U.S. Navy.  These two songs explain why I stayed and don't like leaving even for a short time.

To Come To These Islands by Jay Larrin and Jerry Santos

Home by Jerry Santos


I am an avid hiker and an ex-wild boar hunter here on O`ahu.  If you are interested in my hiking activities click on the hiking link below.


Here is a link to a collection of maps I've compiled using maping software and my GPS.


Along w/just hiking I'm interested in the History of Hawai`i.  On the next page you'll find some information.

Old Books About Hawai`i

I  also collect palm trees and am a member of the International Palm Society.  If you'd like to see photos of my palm collection click on the palm link below.


Brewing Beer